BMW X6 E71, Rear seat conversion kit, Change your BMW X6 for 5 passengers. All colors available now.

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About us

We are a company dedicated to producing sets of "Rear Seat Conversion Kit" for the BMW X6. These models are often fitted with a two-seater rear bench, which greatly limited their functionality. From now on, we give you a unique opportunity to combine the functionality of a sports coupe family car.

Take a look how simple installation is.

"Seat Conversion Kit" is a product designed to be mounted on the BMW X6. It augments your car use through the installation of additional seating. Now you can travel without losing the comfort of your family.

The seat is very easy to install and is limited only to remove the 6 screws placed in easily available places using the 10mm wrench and a screwdriver. That's why our product can be installed independently in their own home in less than 10 minutes. For detailed instructions on the installation is located in the "installation".

Product Details:

The shade and texture of the skin are identical to the original stencil BMW. Our product is made from the highest quality, natural, orginal German leather upholstery used for the production of the factory BMW.

Set includes:

- Leather seat

- Seat belt

- Installation tools

- Warranty

- Invoice


Available colors:

Nevada Brown


Nevada Oyster


Nevada Ivory


Nevada Black


Nevada Alcantara black


Nevada Napa

Nevada Beige


Nevada Champagne


Nevada Vermilion


Nevada Chateau


If you don't know what is your color, just please send me VIN number.